Thai Massage Las Vegas

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Thai Massage Las Vegas

Thai Massage Las Vegas

Thai massage Las Vegas is an ancient healing system that combines broad and targeted acupressure, stimulation and manipulation of energy lines called sen, and assisted yoga postures and full body massage. Treatment effects are enhanced when the patient is fully relaxed and breathing deeply. This traditional healing practice stands in sharp contrast to other formsĀ of eastern Massage like KoreanĀ Massage or western massage therapies.

Traditional Thai massage rarely uses oils or lotions, and the recipient remains clothed during a treatment. There is constant body contact between the practitioner and client, but rather than rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked in order to clear energy blockages and relieve tension. The practitioner uses thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to create a dance of movement on the body of the recipient. In this process, joints are opened, muscles and tendons are stretched, internal organs are toned, and energy is balanced. The overall effect is one of deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and physical and mental well being.

The result of a full-body Thai treatment is often an exciting and powerful mind/body healing experience, bringing both the recipient and the practitioner to heightened states of physical and spiritual well-being. For many, traditional Thai massage is also a spiritual and sensual discipline in that it incorporates the Buddhist practices of mindfulness and loving kindness. These techniques, when shared by practitioner and client, help bring the treatment session to a better state.

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